Using Gray Goo

Generating Templates

Generally, you will want to call Gray Goo to generate files from a template, e.G. your custom project skeleton, a license file, or something similar.

To generate files from templates, use graygoo TEMPLATENAME [ARG1=VALUE1] [ARG2=VALUE2] ...

$ graygoo graygoo.welcome name="Joe Malik"
generating 'welcome.txt'

Gray Goo will never overwrite existing files, so you can call it without fear of destroying something.

Listing Available Templates

To list available templates from your library, use:

$ graygoo list

Getting Information about a specific Template

To get information about a special template, use graygoo info TEMPLATENAME:

$ graygoo info graygoo.welcome
Gray Goo Example Page (graygoo.welcome)

This template renders a file 'welcome.txt', with a greeting to a customizable


  the Name that should be greeted.