From PyPi

Install Gray Goo from the pypi via one of python’s fine installers:

$ easy_install graygoo
$ pip install graygoo

You should now have a command graygoo available.

From Source

Checkout the source with mercurial, then, call to install:

$ hg clone
$ cd graygoo
$ python install

You may need root privileges to install Gray Goo.

Bash completion

The Bash Completion is completely optional, but helpful for everyone who hates typing.

Gray Goo comes with a script that enables Bash completion for template names. When in the project root, you can activate it like this:

$ source ext/graygoo_bash_completion

Depending on your os, there may be a way to activate the completion by default. On debianoids, just copy the file to /etc/bash_completion.d:

$ sudo cp ext/graygoo_bash_completion /etc/bash_completion.d/graygoo